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All Team Kennels puppies come with a spay or neuter clause in the contract.  Please read carefully and contact us by email if you have any questions.






It is accepted and agreed that ____________________________(buyer) purchase from Team Kennels a __________________________ dog male/female (___________________________ in color), for the sum of $__________ and under the following conditions.

1.       Buyer must have dog examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery of dog.  Buyer agrees to provide annual vet exams with vaccinations, including heartworm checks and preventatives. Buyer will ensure a puppy will have all necessary boosters.  Seller recommends after 6 week shots, each puppy is given a booster at 9, 12 and 16 weeks of age.  Buyer agrees that if vaccines are not kept current, warranty will be void.  This dog’s health is guaranteed for 3 days against distemper, leptospirosis and parvovirus.  Puppy should not be allowed on the ground until after 3rd set of shots. Guarantee is void if dog is not seen by a licensed Veterinarian with in 72 hours.  Seller will provide a form to be filled out by buyers Veterinarian and mailed or emailed back to seller within 1 week.  If this Vet form is not returned within that time frame, buyer agrees that ALL warranties/guarantees are null and void!

2.       The Seller guarantees this dog to be free from presently known inherited defects, and will replace the dog with one of similar quality should a life threatening hereditary defect be diagnosed in writing at any qualified veterinary specialist within 6 months of obtaining dog.  Seller retains option of refunding the purchase price or replacing the dog.  Shipping is non refundable.

3.       If at any time the buyer cannot maintain responsibility of said dog, buyer shall first offer the dog by phone, email or mail to seller.  Seller will always take back dog at no charge.  Buyer agrees seller may inquire about dog at any time.  Microchip number.

4.       This dog shall not be disposed of to a dog dealer, pet shop, agent to either, or to anyone who does not sign an agreement precluding such sale.  The name and address of any new owner shall be provided to seller, together with a copy of any such said agreement.

5.       This dog may not be used for breeding and  said dog should be spayed/neutered!

6.       This dog shall be maintained in an adequate enclosed area or on a leash and not be allowed to roam free.

_________________________________________Buyer Signature
(This contract is for informational purposes, seller will produce contract for signature when puppy is picked up.)

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